amy conard
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Amy Conard is a midwest classic blogger with amazing urban street design with a female twist.

At first glance Amy’s design may not appear to be somewhat classic in any way, but what is so good about her fashion is the way she combines vintage pieces with present clothes from other style retailers, developing a fusion of classic and on fashion outfits. She’s also no stranger into a daring hair color and has probably tried each and every flavor under the rainbow, also has appeared amazing each and every time she has had a color shift.

Amy’s preferred style age is the 1930s and what is so amazing about her appearances is that one day she is a classic icon and the following day she will have only a subtle sign of classic for her appearance. She can also stone a pink hair colour and we believe that is pretty brilliant.

She’s is a classic enthusiast from Indiana and seems effortlessly elegant in each and every outfit she wears. She’s got beautiful brown hair and enjoys bold, primary colors and quite fit and flare outfits. Amy is the very best at great old-fashioned dressing and she is seldom seen without a parasol, so adorable.