Vintage Electric Instruments

In the present world of investing in the long run, one certain way to overcome inflation and devaluation of the bond market would be to place your cash in classic electric guitars. Notably in demand are classic Gibson hollow-body, Fender’s classic sunburst Stratocaster and classic Fender guitar amplifiers. Nostalgia for ancient rock is but 1 … Continue reading "Vintage Electric Instruments"

A Guide to Vintage Wines

As you would anticipate, classic ports are produced from grapes which are all harvested at the same, normally exceptional, rising. In general, classic ports account for only approximately 2% of their entire port wine production in a specific season and thus they’re cherished. Classic port wine is a drink which has a uniquely idiosyncratic character. … Continue reading "A Guide to Vintage Wines"


TIS THE SEASON…(PART TWO) So I’m finally back with some more inexpensive, thrifted, and handmade gift ideas.  Today’s focus is on children’s gifts.  You never know, they may inspire you to create a grown-up version. We will begin with the humble train case.  I picked this little cutie up for only two dollars.  It is … Continue reading "TIS THE SEASON…(PART TWO)"


TIS THE SEASON…(PART ONE) …to spend lots of money?  Not necessarily.  I know that we would all like to gift vintage or handmade, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  Or more appreciated by some than others.  We all know those friends and family members who look at vintage or thrifted items as used, and handmade as crafty.  … Continue reading "TIS THE SEASON…(PART ONE)"


12/03/2009 DOMESTIC BLISS I am feeling a little worn out this evening.  Certainly not the result of a hard run or a trip to the gym.  It was a very domestic day and it flat out clobbered me. I did take a page from my mom’s book and turned on White Christmas while digging out from a mountain of … Continue reading "DOMESTIC BLISS"


12/02/2009 BLACK, WHITE, AND RED AGAIN Who needs a fireplace to keep warm? Images found on Weheartit. I finally found a red that I really love!  Thanks to a fabby reader, Gigi, for all the suggestions!  I went straight to Sephora and snatched up a tube of Nars Fire Down Below.  It’s a great color and perfect for a beginner/ lipstick whimp … Continue reading "BLACK, WHITE, AND RED AGAIN"